Vernon Rodgers

I was raised on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors during WW2, after which my family moved to Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, where I was educated at one of the local Grammar schools.

After serving my National Service in the Royal Signals, I married Joyce, an attractive local girl. Shortly after our wedding, Joyce and I emigrated, as £10 ‘Poms’, to Western Australia, where we lived for four rather happy years.

On our return to the UK and moving to Northampton, I worked in Sweden, Denmark and the UK, commissioning international telephone exchanges.
During this time we had three lovely daughters and I took up both oil painting and writing, mainly as hobbies. I was active in various sports including soccer, cricket, golf, pistol shooting and together with Joyce, tennis and later, bowls.

Being made redundant when the contracts came to an end, I set myself up in business designing and building work places and offices, between two spells in sales management.

On our retirement, we moved to the Alicante region of Spain where we now live and are visited by our children, their spouses and our grandchildren.

I am still writing and occasionally painting, have sold paintings in Spain, Sweden, Germany and the UK and had TWELVE novels including the Grant and Weekes series, published as Paperbacks and E-Books. My writing was originally undertaken as a hobby, although I did complete two mail order courses on how it should be done. Hopefully, I managed to learn something from them.


I Cantell was written in the late 1970s under a different title and has been amended at least twice since then.

Hostile Inheritance was written at the time that it is set, around 1990 during the build up to ‘Desert Storm’. It has been slightly amended once.

Tina’s Krystal was written around the turn of the millennium.

Seeds of Passchendaele, Operation Gypsy and Headshot were written since we moved to Spain, beginning around 2014.

Burning Obsession and Without Consent were both written in 2017.

After completing the first five novels I decided that I really ought to try to get at least one of them published, which after months of frustration, I eventually did.

The Mayburg Yield and The Long Road Home were both written in 2019.

Her Name was Clementine was written in 2020, and Grasping the Nettle was written in 2022.

All TWELVE novels have now been published.

Who knows? Maybe Grant & Weekes will one day be as well known as Rissoli and Isles or Scott and Bailey...
At least they keep me busy!

More novels are being written at this time.