Grasping the Nettle

A small group of people, dissatisfied with overall falling standards, decide to grasp the nettle and take the usual peaceful methods of attempting to bring about change.

They are joined by another small group, one of whom owns a small sea going cruiser.

Achieving little success, they decide to concentrate their efforts, using the small cruiser, against illegal immigration. Unfortunately, needing a larger boat, this becomes expensive.

To finance their action they gradually find themselves first bending the law and then eventually breaking it by involving themselves in both narcotics and call girls which leads to both the police and their main financial target getting on their trail.

This, coupled with the unreliability of a drug and rash and hasty decisions (caused by their own greed), it begins to go wrong with disastrous and devastating results

Available in Paperback and as an Ebook
ISBN: 979-8-427311-00-7
First Publication: March 2022 : Rodgers-Huydle Publishing (English)

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