Grant & Weeks Investigate Series - Book 2

Two men lose their jobs, one committing suicide.

A body, looking like a Mafia style hit, is found near Manchester.

Detective Superintendant Grant despatches DI VW Weekes and two colleagues to the neighbouring city of Huydle to investigate.

Other almost identical bodies turn up in Huydle, so Weekes teams up with his former boss DCI Lorna Hughes in an effort to solve what are becoming serial killings, with senior police and City Council officials as the targets.

Hampered by obstacles sent from above, they have to both disobey orders and risk their lives in an effort to uncover the truth and the far reaching consequences of the killings.

Available in Paperback and as an Ebook
ISBN: 978-1-709544-69-9
First Publication:July 2016 : Mirador Publishing (English)
Second Revised Publication:December 2019 : Rodgers-Huydle Publishing (English)

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A team's attempt to solve the murders of several senior police officers and council officials, amid distractions and cover ups.


A good well informed plot.
I was in the dark right to the end.
Managed to keep me guessing until the last few pages.