Hostile Inheritance

In 1959 Arthur Banner loses control of the company he founded, and subsequently dies in a car crash, causing his family to split from the company.

Some thirty years later, during the build up to 'Desert Storm', his grandson, Mark, inherits a substantial quantity of shares in the company on the untimely death of his parents, resulting in an offer of a seat on the board.

This results in his being re-acquainted with the woman who once meant so much to him. Blinded by re-awaking love, he fails to notice when strange things begin to happen which threaten both the company and his life.

Continuing to re-establish his lost love, he fails to realise the seriousness of the threat until it is almost too late to stop it materialising.

Available in Paperback and as an Ebook
ISBN: 978-1-710236-10-1
First Publication:July 2016 : Mirador Publishing (English)
Second Revised Publication:December 2019 : Rodgers-Huydle Publishing (English)

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A good, interesting, well written plot. It really held my attention throughout.
An informative and knowledgeable plot. Action packed, tempered by human emotion. A good read, much enjoyed.
I can confidentially state that I found this an interesting and enjoyable read.