I Cantell

Steve Cantell leaves the army to act as 'best man' at the wedding of his friend Pete Samper, who has set up in Steve's home town as a private investigator.

He is met at the station by Pete's fiancée Kathryn who informs him that Pete died that morning as a result of falling from a moving train.

Knowing how Pete disliked travelling on trains, Steve finds this suspicious and sets about uncovering the truth.

Aided by Kathryn, he puts together Pete's cases in an attempt to determine how he died.

Their attempts lead Steve into the seamy side of detective work and the underside of the drugs and party culture that permeates life in the university campus.

Available in Paperback and as an Ebook
ISBN: 978-1-710233-14-8
First Publication:July 2016 : Mirador Publishing (English)
Second Revised Publication:December 2019 : Rodgers-Huydle Publishing (English)

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I found this to be a good enjoyable read and will read more of this author's work.
My first experience of this author. I found it a very enjoyable read and made me look forward to the next.