The Long Road Home

Raymond Harkness, in his mid-forties, has taken to the bottle in profound despair.

In a few short days he has managed to lose the job he loved, his wife, his home and at least one of his kids.

In his troubled mind, he looks back, reliving his life. He reviews his commitment to professionalism in his work, his almost obsessive attraction to women and his relationships with both them and his colleagues, looking for where and how it all went so wrong. He looks at both the good and the bad things that he has done and that have happened to him in an attempt to make some sense from it all.

Finally, after being helped to sober up by his good friend Alex, he sets about trying to make something of what remains of his life.

Available in Paperback and as an Ebook
ISBN: 978-1-710001-80-8
First Publication: Dec 2019 : Rodgers-Huydle Publishing (English)

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