My Police Procedural Books

I started writing books in the late 1970s.

Having completed the first five, I thought it was time to get some published - which after months of frustration I eventually achieved.
To date, TWELVE novels have now been published.

In this category, FIVE novels have been published in Paperback and are also available as Ebooks.


These stories centre around the police investigations including two detectives, superintendant Paul Grant and D.I. Vivian Weekes; assisted occaisionaly by D.S.I. Lorna Hughes.

They are based in and around Manchester and the nearby fictitious city of Huydle; and follow the team as they try and solve the particular case - hampered by life in general and the internal policies of the Police force.


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Police Procedural (Grant & Weekes Investigate)

I have read and enjoyed all your books, so please continue writing.
P.B. Editor - Campoverde Scene