My Books

I started writing books in the late 1970s.

Having completed five, I thought it was time to get some published - which after months of frustration I eventually achieved.

To date, ELEVEN novels have been published in Paperback and are also available as Ebooks.

My books can be split into three categories:

Further novels are currently in production.


Click on any book image below for further details of the individual book:


Crime Novels

Grant & Weekes Investigate

Other Novels

For those who like Raymond Chandler or Lee Child - try I Cantell or Burning Obsession
If you like Peter James or Peter Robinson - the Grant & Weekes series are for you.
If you prefer your reads 'steamy' - try Hostile Inheritance, Seeds of Passchendaele or The LongRoad Home

I have read and enjoyed all your books, so please continue writing.
P.B. Editor - Campoverde Scene