My Books

I started writing books in the late 1970s.

Having completed five, I thought it was time to get some published - which after months of frustration I eventually achieved.

To date, TWELVE novels have been published in Paperback and are also available as Ebooks.

My books can be split into three categories:

Further novels are currently in production.


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Police Procedural (Grant & Weekes Investigate)

Other Novels

For those who like Raymond Chandler or Lee Child - try I Cantell or Burning Obsession
If you prefer your reads 'steamy' - try Hostile Inheritance, Seeds of Passchendaele, The Long Road Home or Grasping the Nettle
If you like Peter James or Peter Robinson - the Grant & Weekes series are for you.

Crime fiction remains one of the literary world's most cherished staples.
Vernon Rodgers steps right up to the plate, bringing his wide experience onto the pages of novels with their well researched narrative and vivid, cinematic plotlines which will knock readers right out of the park.
L.S. Director, Shieldcrest Publishing
I have read and enjoyed all your books, so please continue writing.
P.B. Editor - Campoverde Scene